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The series begins with Ray, who is a male werewolf and always figured he'd become an alpha (or, at worst, stayed a beta all his life). Ray has just presented omega and has been told he must take five alpha mates when Omega for the pack (Book 1) starts. Obviously, things aren't looking good, but there is some hope because one of the alphas Ray is assigned is his best friend, Josh, who is ready to go above and beyond to make sure Ray is okay.

Ray's complicated feelings for Josh and the other alphas only get more complicated as his instincts demand that he start having sex with them...

The short story depicting a secondary relationship briefly mentioned in book 1 is tentatively titled "Simpler Than Most, a romance" (Book 1.1.) and it's a sweet short that's heavy on solving things with your... lips. 

Alpha for the Pack ( Book 2) also focuses on Ray and his relationship with his alphas/his growing pack.

And then I wrote Midnight Encounters (Book 0.1), which is a short from Alec's perspective (read here).

Alec is the alpha Ray knows less about because he's quite a shy guy, but he's got depths! To the point where I ended up realising I needed to write a whole book about him and another one of the alphas.

So that's Protectors Of the Pack (Book 3) Alec and Gabriel's past and present relationship and the problems they go through as they try to protect their family--including Ray--after some very harrowing events in Book II.


Book IV, Beloved of the Pack is more choral effort and finish telling the pack's stories but it's mainly Josh's and Ray's story told from their POVs. There's an interlude between part 1 (Josh's) and part 2 (Ray's), told from Sergi's PoV, tentatively called "Shock Therapy"



Midnight Encounters (a scene)

1) Omega for the Pack *P

1.1) Simpler Than Most (an interlude) 

¡Ahora también disponible en edición bilingüe castellano-inglés!

2) Alpha for the Pack

3) Protectors of the Pack *P

4) Beloved of the Pack

Shock Therapy (an interlude, link at the end of "Beloved")

Betas Aside *P

Omega & Alpha for the Pack is an omnibus edition of books 1 & 2, which also includes book 1.1.


*P= paperback Bold = full size book. Underlined = published.


There are also cut-scenes (including a complete chapter from book 2). And if you are curious, get the packs family trees here.


N.J. Lysk's The Stars of the Pack
The Stars of the Pack

Alpha/beta/omega M/M/M/M/M/M & M/M & F/F

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