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Thomas is a beta… Uriel is an alpha; their attraction is an accident, their love is most definitely not destiny.


Thomas knows that as a beta he cannot expect to recognize his soulmate—he simply doesn’t have the nose for it. He’s no monk, but he’s too busy with his hockey career helping make his little sisters' lives with his overbearing parents a little easier. 

Uriel might be an alpha but he knows he cannot bear the responsibility of bonding an omega—the sole idea turns his stomach. He has his work as a lawyer and also volunteers at an orphanage trying to help the children there any way he can. He was lucky enough to be adopted by a lovely beta couple as a child and is determined to help others. He’s dated, but he is not willing to enter the kind of relationship an omega expects and betas never believe he will stay. 

Except that betas cannot tell if someone is an alpha… And Uriel has no reason to mention it to a one-night-stand. What Thomas doesn’t know cannot come between them, but the more addicted Uri becomes to the one person he’s not meant for, the heavier the secret grows…

Even if Thomas can accept him, can their love survive the truth coming to light in a world that doesn’t believe what they have can be more than a game?

Alpha/beta/omega alternate universe where politics are a little better, ecology has a stronger hold of the general public's mind and bisexuality is the norm. 


Paranormal contemporary romance, with a side of hockey and courtrooms. 

Not sure yet? You can read the first few chapters for free, click here for chapter 1.

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