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Intertwined Fates series

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  • Always His (original title: His, Truly) – When Shane unexpectedly presents as an omega during the full moon, his twin brother steps in to protect him from the alphas who’d claim him… But Tim is also an alpha. Twincest, mpreg, accidental sex. A/B/O. M/M. HEA. Now with "Always Min", Tim's POV.

  • Not to be Borne When his twin brother presents as an omega, Michuá feels like the world is ending. In a way, becoming an omega himself seems like the only way to stay together… But Zybyn’s new alpha wants a lot more than they have bargained for and in a journey towards a strange land, there is nothing to stop him from taking it. Dark with a happy ending, noncon, abuse (not between the twins), mpreg.

  • The Realm of the Impossible – The Queen is dead and Lorax is ready to take his rightful place when an intimate betrayal leaves him with no choice but to surrender his throne or lose his only remaining family. At this unbearable crossroad, Lorax can watch the new Queen lead his country to a war that will destroy it, or indulge his enemy's sole weakness: himself. An M/M Royal Romance. Genderfuck, noncon, dubcon. HEA.

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