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A Rare Creature

Warning for: non-con, horse shifter mated to actual horse, male human to female animal transformation, medical kink, breeding for money, shifter trapped in animal form, forced breeding, rape (interspecies of a human-minded character), zoophilia, a dash of cousin & uncle incest.

Vinny is reluctant to shift into his animal form to breed one of the mares his family uses to produce racing horses, but he knows it’s his responsibility.

Except this time, when Vinny changes… he changes a lot more than expected.


For Raissa, on her birthday, August 16th.

From the depths of my depraved mind, I hope you enjoy! ;)


A Rare Creature


Vinny told himself he didn’t mind. It would have been stupid to mind, really, after all, everyone did it. And it was for the family, so what right did he have to object? Even complain?

And it would be… pleasurable, that’s what his older brothers and cousins said. Best fuck ever, Colin had called it.

Vinny gulped nervously as his grandfather stopped by the fence that separated an enclosure big enough for the horses to run around during the day while being protected from any predators. At night, they were housed in well-kept stables—there were stories passed on in the family that said that there had been a couple harsh winters when people had been forced to sleep there so as to keep the animals warm.

Vinny didn’t doubt they would do it if they couldn’t manage it any other way. The horses had been the family’s livelihood for as long as anyone could remember. Perhaps it’d made sense to his ancestors to breed the very animals they could shift into.

There was no record of when they’d crossed the line and decided to breed with them, but the resulting foals were extremely intelligent and could be trained into executing complex tasks such as saving their energies in a race.

One of Vinny’s father’s foals had won Nationals last year and now… well, there was more demand for their foals than ever.

Unfortunately, with a pregnancy that lasted eleven months and a limited number of mares kept for the purpose, there was only so much they could do.

The family only acquired the very best mares and they were expensive, and never any stallions, having their men to service the mares and keep the stock of the highest quality.

“Vinny?” His grandfather reminded him.

“Um, yeah, I…”

“Take your clothes off, son,” he was told gently.

Vinny did, folding them over the fence before jumping over, not bothering with the door. It was hardly the first time he’d been naked in front of the horses or a member of his family. Shifters weren’t big on body shame, really, but… He’d never had sex in front of anyone, and most definitely not with any of the horses. Much less his grandfather.

He’d been shifted around them and he loved them, but... but he’d never felt anything but tenderness towards the big beasts.

And he wasn’t that interested in females of any species to start with.

One of the heavily pregnant mares raised her head to look at him, neighing a greeting.

Vinny stepped closer, pressing an open palm to the side of her neck. “Hey, beautiful.”

She was a lovely animal, of course, but Vinny couldn’t have been less turned on if he’d been confronted with a brick wall.

He inhaled her scent, comforting and familiar and moved away, closing his eyes to relax into the transformation.

Falling forward as he grew felt almost graceful at the accelerated speed it occurred and when he raised his head the world smelled all the more intense. He couldn’t help himself; he took off at a gallop that soon became a run.

It was then he realised something was off.

He turned back towards the fence on some instinct he couldn’t explain and slowed down only when he had almost reached his grandfather.

He saw the older man’s eyes widen and his heart sped up in alarm—he didn’t know what was going on, but it wasn’t good.

“Vinny…” A horses’ hearing was much more apt to detect emotion than meaning. It’d developed to catch the rustle of a predator and the warning neigh of a fellow herd member crying out in alarm.

Horses were also pack animals and Vinny stepped towards the man who’d carried him on his strong shoulders and taught him how to find the best berries. The hand on his neck felt good, comforting, and he leaned closer seeking the touch.

His grandfather rubbed his side, voice going lower. “Shh… Calm down, boy,” his grandfather’s words finally penetrated the fog of terror clouding his thoughts. He whined, desperate and hurting and scared. “This happens sometimes, you spend a lot of time with that stallion of yours?”

He had, Vinny realised. Storm wasn’t really his, he belonged to the family like every other animal, but Vinny had always liked him as a foal and he felt sorry for him now. The horse had been growing restless, being the only stallion in the herd due to an injury that had made him impossible to sell anything but his seed and—

He became aware of Storm’s presence just a moment before the stallion bumped against his backside, rubbing himself against him and making him… Making him feel something down there.

Vinny took a step away from the human hand trying to restrain him, perturbed, and Storm growled, pushing closer until Vinny was trapped between him and the fence.

What…? He tried to shove back, but despite his injury, Storm was a strong animal, bigger than Vinny even in his equine form. They struggled for a minute, Vinny tossing his head and Storm showing him his teeth. And then something out of the corner of his eye made him lose concentration; a moment later he felt something tightening around his neck and he froze. It was only when he turned to look at the other side of the fence again that he saw his grandfather had put a rope around his neck.

Storm took advantage to press up behind him and Vinny immediately turned around to avoid him. He wasn’t stupid, he could feel the stallion was aroused. It was odd without any of the mares being in heat except the one they were bringing in for him, and he hadn’t heard of a stallion mounting another. He also didn’t understand why his grandfather had put the rope on him when…

“Move, Vinny, come on.”

He obeyed, confused but more than happy to get away from Storm in this state. Perhaps it was the position of a horse’s eyes, perhaps simply his naiveté because he didn’t see where he was being led until he was in the smaller fenced area—almost a stall.

It was where they kept the breeding shed. But, of course, it was also the easiest way to get him away from Storm so he could— He saw Colin standing there a moment too late and he stiffened; he tried to avoid his cousin in the best of circumstances and today of all days...

“Damn me! It’s true! Little Vinny’s got a cunt!”

Cunt. The word seemed to echo in Vinny’s head. He didn’t... he wasn’t, but when he focused on his... his cock. Except he couldn’t feel the weight of it there. It was— He reared, human terror given animal form. It startled his grandfather, who lost hold of the rope, but when he tried to backtrack, Vinny discovered they’d closed the fence behind him.

Storm was outside, he could smell him, and what he wanted to...

“Shut it, boy,” their grandfather told Colin gruffly. “You two, help me put her in.”

Her? In? What was his grandpa talking about? He couldn’t possibly… He fought them as hard as he could, too scared to care about the pain in his neck or Colin’s rough hold on his mane, but he was surrounded by experts—and experts who were much stronger than average men—and though the enclosure was big enough for two horses, they kept him penned in from both sides and front and knew very well to avoid his rump. He could barely move, let alone kick like he’d have needed to.

The breeding shed was small and uncomfortable, caging him in on either side and soon closing behind his thighs so his legs were kept on the ground, barely able to take a step back. He whined low in his throat, tossing his head and begging his herd for relief, but the only one to react was his grandfather, who shushed him some more and patted his neck like he’d forgotten Vinny wasn’t really a nervous animal.

“Don’t worry, Vinny,” Colin’s best friend Isaiah told him with an unfriendly tug on his mane. “You’ll have Storm’s cock in your wet cunt in a minute.”

Vinny threw himself against the side of the cage, screaming.

“Shut it,” his grandfather repeated. “Get me something to calm him down.”

Him. That made Vinny feel a little better. He wanted to calm down, he was... His grandfather wouldn’t... Colin and his mates were always awful to him, it didn’t mean anything; it was just bullshit to scare him, like when they’d convinced him there was a monster in his closet or that someone at school knew he was a shifter.

Since he was trap— secure, they left him alone with his grandfather. “Haven’t seen this since I was a kid,” the old man told him. “You’re bloody special, Vinny.”

That sounded like a compliment from the gruff matter-of-fact man who’d run the family business for as long as Vinny could remember. He turned his neck, seeking his grandpa’s gaze and got his neck rubbed again. “No more panicking,” he was told. “Nothing’s wrong, it’s just your nature is a little different. You want to help the herd, right, Vinny?”

Vinny whined in response, shifting a little in place. Of course he wanted to help the herd, but... He didn’t want the strange empty space between his legs, he didn’t want... But grandpa couldn’t mean that. Every boy in the herd bred some mares when he came of age, it was part of keeping their stock quality up, but that was a matter of hours and then... Well, then they could forget about it, though some men liked to visit their foals and others liked to visit ‘their’ mares.

But he obviously couldn’t... Maybe if he shifted back and then... He closed his eyes, trying to focus. And the soft hand on his neck slapped him hard enough to turn his head.

He whimpered, taking the single step back he was allowed. “None of that,” grandpa said firmly. “I won’t have my grandson be a coward about these things. It’s your responsibility to the family and you will damn well fulfil your duties even if I have to tie you up for it.”

Vinny stared at him, uncomprehending, and startled when he felt a prickle on his other side as a needle penetrated his skin. Despite the lack of warning, it didn’t hurt much, and whatever was in it made him dizzy fast.

For a moment, he thought he’d fall, but his legs held and swaying in such a small enclosure wasn’t really an issue.

He could still hear their voices but he was having trouble catching their words. It was like when you went on a really long run, letting your mind meld with your animal side until all you knew was the perfect synchronicity of your legs taking a leap that was as close to flight as any land animal could know, the scents of the mountain and the trees, the soft ground under your hooves and the freedom, from clothes and expectations and words and all their little, inevitable lies.

It was as magical as their ability to transform would have seemed to a plain human. For Vinny, being a horse sometimes was normal, something he’d always done, but running was a gift from the gods.


It was Storm’s excited whining that woke him from the daze he’d fallen into, only to realise they’d brought the stallion into the pen.

He smelled good now, waking something in Vinny that had frightened him earlier but that now seemed... And then his brain caught a word or two and he understood he hadn’t been paranoid. They had meant it; they wanted Storm to cover him.

They wanted him bred to a horse, only he would carry the young.

His mind screamed and he could hear the sounds coming out of his throat as his desperation struggled against the soporific effects of the drug. But the cage was still there, designed to keep a mare in the right position to be mounted and he felt the heat of Storm’s bigger body only seconds before the stallion’s front legs hooked onto his sides and the horse’s weight pressed him down.

He had enough clarity of mind to turn his head for a bite, the only defence left to him, but he’d forgotten about the rope around his neck and they used it to force his neck forward, tying him low enough to the cage sides that he couldn’t quite lift his head anymore. And while he pulled, desperate and panicked, he could feel Storm’s unsheathed cock pushing between his buttocks, trying to get past his tail and into him.

Instinctively, he pulled his tail between his legs, a meagre protection but it was all he could— It hurt when a human hand closed around the length of it and forced it up, leaving him bare.

And it was all the stallion needed to find his hole and shove his girth inside. That hurt even worse and Vinny cried out as he was opened up, sharp and sudden, wet but stinging. The animal didn’t even pause, rutting into his virgin hole with the urge to mate, and now that he couldn’t move his head either, Vinny was completely helpless to do anything but stay in place as he was put to enthusiastic use. He gritted his teeth, even though tensing up only made the penetration harder, he couldn’t overcome the instinctive need to get that thing out of him.

Under the circumstances, it was understandable that he forgot he was being observed, but then a heavy hand landed on his neck to offer an encouraging rub. “That’s a good girl,” his grandfather told him, like he was really a mare, a dumb animal only good for—

He flinched as the animal inside him slipped back and thrust to keep his position and he was shushed. “Almost done, he’s discharging now.”

Vinny’s mind seemed to skip at the words. Discharging. Storm was… he was coming inside Vinny, his seed would… He tossed his head, almost not noticing the stallion dismounting as it finished its job.

“How much did you give him?” He heard his grandpa ask, but not the answer.

There was another prickle in his side and after the world grew fuzzy again.


He was mostly awake again when they let Storm back into the breeding shed to service him again. Awake enough to beg, with the limitations of his vocal chords and his drugged up brain.

They had to understand him, they were shifters too.

But it didn’t seem to matter, only minutes after being let into the enclosure, the stallion Vinny had brushed up and looked after for years was putting his cock right back into him where he was ready for it.

It didn’t hurt as much, and none of the humans watching touched him as it happened.

It was only when Storm went at him for a third time that he realised they’d been left alone in the shed.

If Storm was up for it, they’d allow the horse to fuck Vinny all night long.

As long as it got them… a foal.

The foal he’d promised his family now that he was of age.


They had to keep him drugged so he couldn’t change back. It was terrible, but at least it kept his mind from focusing on what was happening to him.

It wasn’t easy because they’d put him in a stall by himself as soon as they’d taken him out of the shed, stumbling and still out of it, Storm’s seed staining his hind legs.

The horses were taken out every morning to pasture, but Vinny was fed in his stall and only walked around by Colin and his mates late at night.

Did his parents know where he was? He wondered. It seemed strange he’d seen no one but his grandfather and four or five of his cousins.


He was also growing at an alarming rate, even kept in isolation, he could see the sunrise and sunset and he’d been around pregnant mares all his life. He shouldn’t have been showing after only a month but he could feel the weigh. Was he just losing track of time? Or paranoid?

But soon enough he got confirmation the sensation was real.

“Do you think Vinny’s got more than one in there?” Jimmy asked Colin with undisguised glee one day when they were returning Vinny from his daily walk in the dark.

“Shut it, no names!” Colin shot back, then reached to rub at Vinny’s protruding middle as they walked him around the small paddock in the back. “Maybe, who knows with this freak?”

Vinny almost stumbled. Horses weren’t made for multiple births, he knew that well, more often than not one of the animals didn’t make it—sometimes even the mare.


He was still distracted thinking about his chances when Colin sent Jimmy away as he put Vinny back in his stall. He didn’t notice anything strange until he felt his cousin touching his calves and although he twitched, he didn’t kick. He wasn’t really an animal and dislike Colin as he might, even hate sometimes, he didn’t want to kill him with a swift kick to the head.

He should have.

The bindings around his back legs felt soft, cotton maybe. But they stopped him from lifting his legs and, in the reduced space of the stall, he couldn’t even lean forward to kick with both at once.

“Shh, little Vinny,” Colin told him with a pat to his rump. Vinny swiped his tail at him, but his older cousin just laughed. “Don’t be like that, you let a horse fuck you, what difference does it make if I do too?”

As the words penetrated a brain not really made for syllables, Vinny pushed backwards, but Colin was a strong man and in the reduced space he had no trouble digging his fingers into Vinny’s thighs as he humped forward.

“Come on, I saw the size of Storm’s dick, Vinny, you won’t even feel me. I bet you’re a lousy lay, really.” Even as he said this, Vinny heard his zip and felt him fumbling to get his erection out of his clothes.

His fingers in the soft vulnerable new space between Vinny’s legs were like a shock of electricity. “Mmmm… A little dry.” A sound of spitting followed and when the digits returned they went in easier with the improvised lubrication.

Vinny clenched, wanting them out, but that only made his cousin groan. “Oh, yeah, just like that. I can’t—” He moaned and Vinny assumed he was jacking himself off.

And then he was being pressed forward against the back of the stall. The fingers in him spread him wide and… He squirmed as Colin’s cock entered him. He was no stallion, it was true, but Vinny wasn’t in heat anymore and he could feel it, and it was Colin. He didn’t— Colin started rutting at once, hard and fast, groaning as he fucked up into Vinny’s body with no care for him at all. Just like he’d said he liked fucking the mares he impregnated.

Vinny pressed his teeth against the bite in his mouth and stood there as his cousin used him—his groans of pleasure were like nails grating against a blackboard, except then he started babbling and it got worse: “I can’t wait to get you bred myself, I bet grandpa will let me, just fill you up and—” At that point, he shoved himself into Vinny harder still and started spilling his seed.

Vinny didn’t try to pull back. He was pregnant already. He was… not safe, but Colin couldn’t do what he was saying.

His cousin did up his clothes and patted Vinny’s side. “Good one, Vinny,” he whispered, and slipped out of the stall.

He left Vinny’s legs tied together—maybe fearing he’d kick otherwise—and Vinny couldn’t help but feel his wet passage as he stood there alone, in the darkness.

He didn’t want to kick, he wanted to curl up and cry.


By the end of what he thought was the second month, someone new came to see him. A stranger to the herd, to be sure, and with a brisk manner touching Vinny that told him he was a doctor.

Except not a doctor because... Did the man even know Vinny wasn’t a real horse? He’d never heard of a stranger coming to help the mares with birthing—grandfather and the older uncles took care of it—much less check on them during the pregnancy.

“Ah, she’s a beauty,” the stranger told Vinny’s grandfather. “So you are you worried she’s got more than one in there? Was it a natural breeding?”

“Yes, we let the stallion mount her several times, though.”

“Shouldn’t make that much of a difference. Normally even then it’s hard to get it to take...  But look who I’m talking to, I know your horses, of course, Mr Gladwell.”

“Thank you,” his grandfather said modestly. “But this one is a bit special, would feel better if you had a look at her.”

“Of course,” the vet said and proceeded to do exactly that.

At first it wasn’t that bad, he was just palpating Vinny’s belly a little roughly—not enough to hurt but enough to make him want to pull away. He didn’t get far; his grandfather had tied his reins to the pole near the stables.

“Shh… it’s okay, honey,” the doctor told him, rubbing at his neck and ears. But it was mostly his voice that reassured Vinny. “We want to know how your little one is doing.”

“So is it just the one?”

The doctor kept petting Vinny. “Yes,” he answered. “I can feel just three legs but that’s normal enough. There’s no room for another one and this one is healthy, not quite kicking yet but twitching.”

Kicking. Like a baby, Vinny thought, so distracted he didn’t even realise the doctor’s hands had wandered again. It was pretty difficult to miss the touch in his… the mare’s hole. He squirmed but got shushed again and his grandfather had come to lean against his other side to keep him from pulling away. He could have kicked them or tried to run, but… The fingers slipped inside, touching him there like… It was uncomfortable, but they were just checking he was… that it was okay.

“Good, no tearing or abnormalities,” the vet declared, pulling his gloved hand out of Vinny’s body.


That was the day he understood what was happening was real. He’d known it before, but a part of him had clung to some absurd hope even after they’d stopped drugging him to keep him from changing.

He’d been too afraid to try it, because if there was really something growing in him… Something that couldn’t shift, what would happen if he did while it was inside?

He whined, low and desperate in his lonely stall, away from all horses freely roaming in the fields, and from his family and friends who should have helped him.

Except they weren’t that far, the stables were only on the other side of the main house—but then, why had no one come to get him? Even to talk to him?

He couldn’t believe they’d all abandon him.

Except… After his birthday celebration had been over, his grandfather had taken him aside and reminded him he needed to do his duty and his father had nodded, meeting Vinny’s eyes with a clear warning to behave.

He had known what Vinny was going to do, and after all this time, he’d never come to get him.

He wasn’t going to—he probably agreed with his grandfather that Vinny should… That Vinny should carry a foal for the family.

Braying laughter in the distance made him tense up. It was Colin. And he wasn’t alone. Vinny kicked the door behind him in sudden rage, but all it got him was a good rattling of the skeleton—it was made to withstand such violence and he hardly had room to kick with any serious force anyway.

Only a couple of minutes later, Colin was sing-songing his name. “Niiiiinny.”

In response, Grant snorted with laughter and Vinny heard a third man, a moment later he understood it was his uncle Isaiah.

Had they told someone about him? Isaiah was his mother’s brother, surely he would—

“That’s a nice rump he’s got there,” his uncle said with clear admiration. “I always thought so, but he was kinda skinny, now, though…”

“That’s all Storm,” Grant commented. “Credit where credit’s due and all that.”

Isaiah whistled. “Always thought it was a pity that stallion couldn’t compete, will make a fine a foal, though.”

“Or more than one,” Colin said with obvious glee. “You see how huge she is after only three months?”

“Grandpa said the vet checked it, it’s just one,” Grant said.

“Whatever, I say there’s no way, he looks six months in, at least!”

“Mmm… get her out for me.”

Vinny was planning to bite, but Colin had come prepared and he tangled a hand in his hair and forced a muzzle onto him before dragging him out. “And don’t be a bitch!” he warned with a growl. “Or I won’t take you out for a week, or clean your stall, you filthy beast!”

He wasn’t fronting, either, he’d done it already when Vinny had bitten him before. Grandfather had found him like that and told Colin to clean up, but he hadn’t even reprimanded him for it like he’d have done if Vinny had been a real animal.

Vinny stepped out hesitantly, eager to see the world outside even if it was only the rest of the stables. It was really his uncle Isaiah, with his two wide forehead and toothy grin and a glim to his eyes Vinny had always assumed was happiness.

“I see what you mean,” he told the cousins and stepped up to Vinny to caress his distended side. Vinny stayed still as he pressed onto his belly, whining low when the foal moved inside him.

“Vet’s right,” his uncle said finally. “It’s just one, but… There’s no way she’s three months along. That foal is fully formed, it just needs to grow some and it’ll be coming out.”

“I was there,” Colin declared with pride. “And it’s been thirteen weeks.”

“Well,” Isaiah commented. “It’s not going to make it to twenty-five, let me tell you that now.”


Vinny was still distracted by their words when Colin and Grant put him back in the stall facing the back and tied his reins so he couldn’t move back, then secured his legs.

He knew perfectly well what they were planning—Colin had been doing it since the beginning and when Grant had caught him at it, he’d started sharing Vinny’s cunt with him.

When it happened, Vinny had learned to make his mind blank. It didn’t hurt—Colin had started bringing lube—and it didn’t last that long.

The first cock was withdrawn and he heard an impatient inhalation as the second man prepared himself. He shoved in without the least preparation, but then again, Vinny was slick with Colin’s semen already—it wasn’t needed.

It was obvious what would happen, but he’d still… a part of him had hoped, he realised, when he felt a third man replace the second behind him. Uncle Isaiah massaged his sides. “Magnificent,” he declared, and then Vinny heard his zip.

An exclamation behind him was the only warning he got before something hot pressed against his rear. For a moment, he didn’t understand what he was feeling—the sensation he’d become familiar with, but the size… He hadn’t felt anything like— It went into him more slowly than either Colin or Grant had bothered with and he still felt it deeply. It was huge, stretching him wide and making him tap his hooves against the ground as he shifted his hips.

“Shhh, it’s okay, Vinny,” Uncle Isaiah told him, then pulled back and pushed back in, rubbing at Vinny’s side like he had a tummy ache as his cock went deeper and deeper into him, deeper than seemed possible, but Vinny only had a few inches to step forward and... “There we go, you’re all wet for me, just stay there, honey, it’s all good.” His massive girth pulled out, every inch dragging against Vinny’s insides, and then was shoved back in with a grunt. “Ah, yeah, there you go. I’m so glad I was patient with you, I’d have broken you in half.” He did it again, sliding a little smoother this time as Vinny’s passage become used to the invasion. “You’re a— rare one, Vinny, I always— always said so.”

And with that, he grabbed Vinny by the sides hard and started shoving into him hard and fast, going silent except for his laboured breathing as he fucked his whining nephew in the secrecy of the stables.


Vinny was always sore after Uncle Isaiah visited, but after he was done using him, the man always took him for a walk around to stretch his legs. Sometimes, he even gave Vinny a sugar cube or two.

Vinny never bit him and after a while the other four—five, now, as Colin had given his little brother an invitation to ‘visit’ Vinny as a birthday present the previous week—started bringing them too.

It was bloody sugar and it shouldn’t have changed anything, but it seemed to make the men softer with him, as if they felt they were paying a fair price for what they were taking and it wasn’t really against Vinny’s will. Like he’d agree to spread for a bit of sugar like the cheapest whore in history.

It wasn’t like that, but… it wasn’t like refusing the sugar would stop any of it, so why deny himself a small pleasure? He had little enough of it in his life now.


His foal was beautiful, with Storm’s dark coat and white markings around the eyes—were those because of him? he wondered. It was… His dad had spoken of the foals he’d fathered proudly before, but this wasn’t pride, this was his baby.

He didn’t care it was a horse, that it couldn’t transform… Or maybe it could. It pushed closer to him, wanting his attention and Vinny licked her ear, making her squirm. Sunlight. That’s what she smelled like, what she felt like. It was a good name, maybe not a racing horse’s name, but who cared? She was beautiful and he wanted her to be happy, just free to run with the herd under the sun, eat grass and worry about nothing else.


He didn’t think anything of it when his grandfather came over once again to show her off to some strangers. She licked their fingers when they offered them and one of them laughed in response.

Vinny was proud that they liked her. Of course they did, she was the most gorgeous foal he’d laid eyes on and sweet, too. She’d venture away from him for a bit and then suddenly return to cuddle against his side, rubbing her nose against his neck to ask for his attention.

With her, it was almost okay, what they’d done to him.

And then they’d taken her inside with the strangers.

He hadn’t liked it, of course, but she needed her hooves checked and there were vaccinations too, he wasn’t too far gone to understand humans cared for horses.

Except she hadn’t come back.

That night, when they’d put him in his box, he’d tried to fight for the first time, rearing on his back legs, calling out to her at the top of his voices.

It’d taken three men to subdue him and they’d had to drug him to get him inside his stall.

Only then had his grandfather come to see him. Vinny had shown him his teeth, but he was too far to reach and anyway, he was the only one who’d know where Sunlight was, so Vinny couldn’t—

“I’m sorry, Vinny. It was time for her to go. She’s gone to good people, they’ll train her slow. They live in Australia, but she’ll be happy there, loads of space to run.”

Vinny had whined, low and desperate and kicked against the walls… But he’d known it was pointless.

They had sold her, they had sold his baby.


It wasn’t like Vinny didn’t understand.

The breeding shed was still in the same place. It was just… his reins were being pulled on and it hurt his mouth if he tried to resist and… And when someone pulled on your reins, you went. That’s how it worked. And then he was inside the breeding shed and his grandfather was tying his reins to the post there and the back of the shed was closing against his thighs, and it was just done.

The injection shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but in the weeks since they’d taken away his foal, he’d started having trouble following conversations. It was just too hard to care when the conversations were always about him but no one cared what he wanted to say.

When there was nothing he could say.


He was still conscious enough to feel it when a hand touched his face. It was Colin, holding onto his muzzle and grinning up at him. “You ready for me, precious?”

Vinny blinked at him, groggy and slow. His feeble attempt to pull away made his cousin laugh in his face.

“This time,” Colin told him, all teeth. “You’re empty, so when I’m done with you, you will have my foal in you. A little stallion, what do you think?”

Vinny flinched, rearing back, but there was barely any room and all he managed was to scrape his knees before Colin tensed his arm and pulled him back down. “Shhh, girl. You just be good and you’ll get what you need.”

Vinny whined, confused and upset. What were they talking about? It was just once! The service to the family was just once! The other times were voluntary, and he’d done it, he’d given them a foal, he’d—

Colin patted his neck and moved away. No, not away, around. He was going to… Vinny turned his neck around, pulling on the reins and not caring that it hurt. His grandfather was watching him from the closest fence but when Vinny met his eyes and neighed, the old man stared back, face empty of emotion. How could he…?

He heard the sound of hooves hitting the ground behind him and his nose picked up the scent of a stallion at once—not any stallion, Colin. His cousin had shifted and he wanted to…

Vinny move his hips from side to side, desperate to get away, but there was not enough room for anything but fidgeting and it seemed only moments before he felt the heat of another horse’s body approaching.

Colin was heavy on top of him, grunting as he scrambled to keep his place on top of Vinny, easily overcoming Vinny’s squirming in the reduced space of the shed with his superior size.

His cock went in much faster than Storm’s, much bigger than it’d been in his human form but just as merciless, just drilling into Vinny’s cunt again and again.

It was in that moment, as he stood trapped under a stallion for a second time to get bred, that something happened in his head. He couldn’t have said why, but between one violent shove inside his body and the next, his muscles relaxed and he stopped trying to get Colin off him. He just stood still for it, feeling the length of him buried inside where he was wet and ready for it. It was too overwhelming to feel pleasant but with the urgency to escape gone, it was difficult to focus on anything else.

He felt every inch of it growing inside his passage as Colin discharged his seed into the depths of his womb.

He was given some water before he was mounted a second time, and some food before the third.

His body needed it after the exertions so he drank and he ate and he got fucked and bred.

It was just instinct, there was nothing else left.


“I’m sorry, Vinny,” his father told him, petting his neck and meeting his eyes—Vinny’s eyes were the same shade of blue, when he was... “But we need to keep up with demand,” his dad added. “The fact that you delivered a foal in five months saved our necks after losing Darling’s last pregnancy midway through.” He showed his teeth in a poor show of a smile. “And it won’t be so bad, think of it like a gap year, after you’re done, you’d have earned your place. You can go to university if you want, the family will pay for it.”

Vinny whined, confused and hurt. He wanted his foal back, it was too young to be taken away and he didn’t like the pen. He wanted out. He wanted to run with his foal… His foal… Where was his foal? He couldn’t smell her, he couldn’t…

His father sighed and tugged on his hair to get his attention. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Vinny stared at him. He knew the words meant something, but he couldn’t quite…

Suddenly, his father’s face changed and his scent grew acrid. “Vinny, change back!”

Vinny stared at him, neighing and trying to rub his face against his father’s to offer comfort. It wasn’t working because his father kept speaking, too fast and too high. Vinny heard his name but the rest of it...

“It’s too late for that,” his grandpa said from where he was standing on Vinny’s other side. These words were slow and Vinny could understand them.

That made his dad stop talking to him, but his voice sounded even worse when he asked, “What have you done?”

“What the family needs, of course,” his grandfather replied firmly. “Colin bred her yesterday. He’s produced consistently strong foals.”

“What have you done to my son?” His father took a threatening step towards the older man, putting himself between Vinny and him. “You said he could change back when it was done!”

“He can, of course,” his grandfather said, calm as you like. Vinny liked his voice, it was soothing—just like when he’d been birthing his foal. “Go ahead, convince him.”

There was no answer at that and Vinny took a hesitant step towards his dad, wondering if now he’d want to be close... His father stumbled to get away from him, shaking his head and smelling awful.

His grandfather huffed, impatient like when his cousins messed about and said, “If you want another son, you can breed it in her too. I bet it would be a champion.”

[The end]



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